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Wall Cladding Zinc

Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide skin or layer intended to control the infiltration of weather elements, or for aesthetic purposes. Cladding does not necessarily have to provide a waterproof condition but is instead a control element. This control element may only serve to safely direct water or wind in order to control run-off and prevent infiltration into the building structure. This is also a control element to prevent noise from entering or escaping. Cladding applied to windows is often referred to as window capping and is a very specialized field.

Ridge capping with Copper

Before the availability of sheet products for flashing carpenters used creative methods to minimize water penetration such as angling roof shingles away from the joint, placing chimneys at the ridge, and building steps into the sides of chimneys to throw off water. The introduction of manufactured flashing decreased water penetration at obstacles such as chimneys, vent pipes, walls which abut roofs, window and door openings, etc. thus making buildings more durable and reducing indoor mold problems. 

Flashing may be exposed or concealed. Exposed flashing is usually of a sheet metal and concealed flashing may be metal or a flexible, adhesive-backed, material particularly around wall penetrations such as window and door openings.

Copper in Architecture

Copper has earned a respected place in the related fields of architecture, building construction, and interior design. From cathedrals to castles and from homes to offices, copper is used for a variety of architectural elements, including roofs, flashings, gutters, downspouts, domes, spires, vaults, wall cladding, and building expansion joints.

The history of copper in architecture can be linked to its durability, corrosion resistance, prestigious appearance, and ability to form complex shapes. For centuries, craftsmen and designers utilized these attributes to build aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting building systems.

For the past quarter century, copper has been designed into a much wider range of buildings, incorporating new styles, varieties of colors, and different shapes and textures. Copper clad walls are a modern design element in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Some of the world's most distinguished modern architects have relied on copper. 

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